straight up

straight up

Anonymous said:
What denim is the guy in the striped shirt for your lookbook wearing

Lease on Life Society, SOCIETY DNM coming soon.. those were bts from yesterday I shouldn’t have leaked but be on the lookout

Anonymous said:
How tall are you and what size you wearing in your cropped hoodie?

6 foot and Large


Yup I’m going to keep posting all this crime against our people! 

Anonymous said:
Saving up to buy pieces from your collection hopefully can before they go out of stock 😱

This is what I like to hear lol, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Anonymous said:
Hey bro, any shorts and tee recommended that would compliment your cropped hoodie?

Lease on Life Society “Your Favorite Shirt” coming soon.

Anonymous said:
Excuse me if you get this question a lot, but how old are you

twenty one years old

kangalex said:
who/what is tina. stop making fun. let me be a model in your lookbook. it'll be so unique to use like an average korean boy. you'll transcend fashion.

Tina from Bob’s Burgers and ehhh idk, you’re like too swole bro, lose like 30 pounds and get back to me hahaha