PARTYNEXTDOOR2 is classic material.

Anonymous said:
Whens the next capsule drop?

Dropping the full FW in about a month

Anonymous said:
H+H 3.0 coming soon? 😉


Anonymous said:
I'll do anything for h+h 2.0 shorts and tee!!! Help me please! Need a 32 in shorts and medium tee but want both together and the cropped hoodie!!!

Shorts sold out playa, never restocking.

no flex

no flex

Where do you get your jeans.. I hate being tall and skinny it's hard as fuck to find good jeans

topman, g-star, all saints, uniqlo, urban outfitters, acne, cheap monday, OAK NYC

Anonymous said:
how do you get so much white thread to stick out when you distress your jeans? They dont really show like that on mine after I cut and wash them

send me $ to do them and I’ll have them looking right

vp-rp said:
I envy you for copping those pigskin dunks only if they were my size lol congrats though on the collection will be styling in some of your pieces very soon

lol I just sold em today but looking forward to that bro! thanks for reaching out!

tastegawd said:
When did you first really get into fashion an clothing? Lease is so cool man, nice work.

I really got into fashion like my senior year of highschool (this August I’ll be a senior in college)… I can’t really say what inspired Lease, but it just had to be my (as cliche as this sounds) my passion for fashion and the want to see people in clothes and silhouettes I want to see them in

just watch